Arte Ecuestre en Belém

Henrique Calado Riding Ring

Confidentiality policy, usage of cookies and image recording

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Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua, SA guarantees the confidentiality of all data submitted. The gathering and processing of data takes place through a secure process that prevents any theft or other misuse. As such information is confidential, there is neither any sale nor any sharing with third party entities.

All persons retain the right to access, rectify or cancel the data provided. Should you wish to do so, you may request the alteration or cancellation of your data by sending an email to


Image Recording

In the Henrique Calado Riding Ring in Belém the taking of pictures (photography and video) is strictly prohibited for the purpose of safeguarding the quality of the performances of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.



The requests for exceptional authorisation for the taking of pictures (photograph and video) should be submitted in writing (by e-mail, post or fax), to, indicating:

a) The entity/person requesting authorisation;

b) The end purpose(s) of the pictures (including a synopsis/description and script);

c) Intended site of filming;

d) Intended date and time and duration of the period of filming;

e) Type(s) of material in usage;

f) Number of team members;

g)Special needs or characteristics;

h) Contact details.

Under any circumstances, PSML declines any responsibility for any theft or damage to photographic or filming equipment brought on site by the Requester.


1) Requests for authorisation to take photographs are submitted with a minimum of two complete prior working days of notice and defining in writing the areas and the species in question as well as the end purpose of the records.

2) The taking of photographs for commercial or promotional purposes is subject to a fee set in accordance with the type of work undertaken.

3) All utilisations of the photographs taken within the scope of such authorisation are necessarily identified by a respective caption detailing the site, park and/or monument illustrated and including a reference to Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, except when previously agreed to the contrary.

4) A copy of all of the photographs taken under the exceptional regime for the taking of pictures is to be delivered to PSML in a digital format.

5) The Requester is to grant Parques de Sintra the rights to use these photographs in promotional materials (whether in digital online formats or in printed materials) with Parques de Sintra correspondingly taking on the commitment to detail the respective credits and not grant the respective pictures to third parties except with the prior written authorisation of the photographer(s).


1) The making of films or video recordings requires explicit prior authorisation from PSML with their utilisation restricted to the ends thereby authorised;

2) Requests for authorisation for the recording of video images are submitted with a minimum of ten working days of prior notice and defining in writing the areas in question alongside the end purpose(s) of the footage;

3) The video recorded may not be utilised for purposes other than those specifically authorised.

4) The Requester takes on responsibility for detailing, in the work’s technical file, the designation of Parques de Sintra and the respective site and to send two DVD copies of the finished product.

5) The taking of video footage for commercial or promotional purposes is subject to a fee set in accordance with the type of work undertaken.

6) Parques de Sintra reserves the right to refuse requests to take pictures on the sites under its management.

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